Limited Membership


$99 per month



3 CLASSES each week, every month.

(6 month commitment required.)

Use them or lose them!

They DO NOT roll over to the following week.





VIP Membership


$149 per month




(12 month commitment required.)





Unlimited Classes


$199 per month



UNLIMITED CLASSES for 1 month without a contract.













5 Count Punch Card









  • Punch Cards expire 60 Days after purchase




10 Count Punch Card








  • Punch Cards expire 60 Days after purchase.










  • Pole Fitness Class - $20
  • Advanced Pole Class - $25
  • Aerial Yoga Class - $20
  • Polga (POLE YOGA) Class - $20
  • Pole Jam (Practice Hour) - $15
  • Flexibility Class - $10
  • Aerial/Lyra Hoop Class - $20
  • Pound Pass-$20


***NOTE-Intro to Pole Series is Required Before all pole classes EXCEPT Polga***









Solo & Semi Privates

​Pole, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop, Chair Dance, Lap Dance



Private Group Lessons Series!

4 Week Beginner Pole Classes

Have you and your friends been wanting to learn what Pole Fitness is all about?

We have just the thing for you! A 4 Week Beginner Pole Private Series where you can select your own time & day

for you and your friends. You and your friends will meet once per week for 4 Weeks to learn the basics of Pole Fitness and Dance.

There is a minimum of 5 students and a max of 8 students for this private series.



Personal Training for weight loss and strength.

~1 hour private session $55

~Semi-private session (2 people) $85

~Semi-private session (3 people) $105

~Semi-Mini class (4 people) $125






The Kwike: 1 hour $150 (This quickie POLE party has no time for pictures or food)

Burlesque Beauty: 1.5 hours $200 (Burlesque Chair Dance Only)

Vertical Vixen: 1.5 hours $200 (Pole Dance Only)

Bump & Grind: 1.5 hours $200 (Lap Dance Only)

Aerial Angels: 1.5 hours $200 (Aerial Silks only)

Cat's Meow: 2 hours $250 (Choose from two styles of dance)

Sweet Bliss: 3 hours $475 which includes FOOD, DRINK, & DESSERT and all the extras for up to 10 guests. There is a $10 charge per additional guest over 10 guests. Your party planner will go over every detail of your party to assure it is the event of the year!  (Choose from two styles of dance)



~  50% Deposit Required at Time of Booking.  ~




Club Lights $20

Fog Machine $20

Add ons must be paid for at the time you book your party.


**You may reschedule your party 72 hours in advance of the scheduled party date

and time with a pre-paid $50 re-schedule fee.**









Medical Massage Therapy


Massage therapy offers many benefits.   This service includes a consultation to address your concerns and goals for the massage, hot towels, essential oils, all organic oils and body butters, the amount of hands-on time requested on a quality massage table, and the luxury of already being at home where you can relax or your office where you can get back to work with less stress!

Techniques used for this service include:


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes


  • Swedish
  • Trigger Point
  • Neuromuscular
  • Deep Tissue
  • Myofacial Release
  • Sports
  • Rock Blade
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Active Assisted Stretching
  • Structural Bodywork
  • Reflexology
  • Table Thai

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy


Pregnancy is beautiful, but it's not always gentle on the body.  That's why I offer prenatal and postpartum massage therapy for

Moms-To-Be and Moms-Just-Recently-Been.  Carrying around that little bundle of joy (Bundles of joy in come cases!) can wreak havoc on the body, and sometimes just sitting down isn't going to help. If you are experiencing lower back pain, throbbing feet, swollen legs with pitting, and/or  impinging of the sciatic nerve causing a shooting pain and/or numbness down the leg, a massage may be just thing to bring down those stress hormones.  I've always heard, "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!"  (I grew up in the south. Anyway...)  This service includes a consultation to address your concerns and goals for the massage, hot towels, essential oils, all organic oils and body butters, the amount of hands-on time requested on a quality massage table, a mid session bathroom break (if needed), and the luxury of already being at home where you can relax or your office where you can get back to work with less stress!  The only requirement for this massage service is to be pregnant or have been pregnant, and have extra pillows to help make the massage as comfortable as possible.



60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes


Add Ons for a Massage Thearapy Session

ADD ON:  Postural Assessment


A Postural Assessment is a visual analysis of a client's posture used in order to identify muskuloskeletal issues or misalignment which may be causing the client discomfort and can be done in both the static and moving state.  The usefulness of a postural assessment can be most seen in determining the indirect cause of a discomfort. For example, if a person had a leg or ankle injury, the compensation of the other leg coupled with a rotation in the hips may cause the shortening of one side of the abdomen. The  shoulders may then feel pressure or discomfort from attempting to straighten over a misaligned lower body.  In short, an ankle injury could be the cause of that should discomfort. And that's only one of thousands of possibilities!

Initial Assesment:


Follow Up Assesment:


ADD ON:  Sugar Scrub Body Polish


Organic coconut milk is applied to the body and followed by an organic coconut oil sugar scrub mixture to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin.  Hot towels are then used to remove this layer, and an organic body butter is massaged into the skin to moisturize the skin.

Add On To Massage Therapy:


And for those serious about making a change in their health and wellness...

Structural Bodywork Series


The Structural Bodywork Series is a set of 10-12 60 minute sessions meeting once a week with the focus of improving posture and gaining maximum movement efficiency by targeting abnormalities in muscles and connective tissue, specifically fascia. The benefits of this type of bodywork can be seen in couch potatoes wanting to make a change all the way to elite athletes fine-tuning their bodies.  The sessions are systematic in nature, but differ from client to client as every body has different needs.  This service includes an initial postural assessment, follow up postural assessments, hot towels and/or hot packs, hands on time including massage techniques and assisted stretching, all organic oils and body butters, and a set of fully explained assigned stretches.

Pay As You Go:

$110 per session

Pay Upfront:

$95 per session

Chair Massage


Chair Massage is an easy and convenient way to alleviate the

stress caused by daily living. Work and home life can often get in the way of using such a simple solution to stress management, but chair

massage makes being stress-free easier to achieve! A massage therapist will provide a 10-20 minute therapeutic massage in a seated ergonomic chair which takes up very little floor space. No oils or lotions are used, and the client remains fully clothed meaning it can be set up in almost any space! Many clients choose to have me come into the office during hours with less visitors and have me set off to the side. Others choose to have a room set aside so each person can completely "zone out" for their 10-20 minute break!  In addition, chair massage can be GREAT FOR BUSINESS!  Want to know more? Download the brochure below!


Option 1:

The host or employer

can pay upfront.

$50 per hour

Option 2:

Individuals can pay

for their own massage.

$1 per minute

One hour of service is required for booking.

Need Help Convincing your  Boss or


Host a Party!!!


Chair massage is a great addition to your special event!!!


~Birthday Party

~Bridal Shower

~Baby Shower

~Wedding Day

~Spa Day

~Ladies Night


You name the event!!!

Want to know more about chair massage?!?



Services are scheduled by appointment only. To accommodate today’s busy lifestyle we do often have same day appointments available. However, to ensure that we are able to accommodate your preferred appointment times, we ask that you schedule with as much advance notice as possible. All appointments are reserved with a credit card at the time of scheduling.




We are not able to accept appointments for children under the age of 16 years, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Children under the age of 18 require a parent or adult guardian signed waiver and/or accompaniment by a parent or adult guardian for services.




24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If you fail to provide 24 hours notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee. The fee is 50% of your scheduled appointment cost and will be charged to your credit card.  If you fail to show for your appointment, the full amount of your appointment cost will be charged to your credit card.


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