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Who we are...

We are a small Pole & Aerial Studio offering Pole Dance Fitness (Intro, Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced), Lyra aka Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammock Tricks, Flexibility, Chair Dance, Choreography, Parties (Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Divorce Parties, etc. - Exotic AND G-Rated Style Parties Available!), Lessons, Workshops, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and MORE! Do you love to workout and are looking for your next challenge? Come workout with us! Do you hate working out but need to get off your butt and do it anyway?!? Come complain about having to burn calories while actually burning calories with us! (Not a joke. It's completely okay here.) Like to workout with animals? We have dogs and cats. Have Social Anxiety? Cool. We're all weirdos so having no filter doesn't bother us. Have ADHD and find classes taxing? Don't worry; did you see that squirrel? Dealing with Depression? Come release some endorphins! (*Note: We are not Mental Health Care Professionals. We are a safe place for you to be you.*) Think you're too heavy? You're wrong. Think you're not strong enough? Ridiculous. That's why you come. Think you're not sexy enough? Bull Crap. Everyone starts off feeling awkward! You can only make it once a month? Awesome. Single Classes are for you. You are on a fitness mission and are ready for 6 classes a week? We have Monthly Memberships! ALL BODY SHAPES WELCOME. We are a LGBTQS Friendly Establishment. Come as you are! Sign Up TODAY!

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